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Child Protective Services

A frequent occurance occurs where I begin representing a parent after a petition has been filed and read in the report how much involvemnt the family had with CPS before I become involved in the case.   Generally, by the time a petition is filed CPS has commited to a position and is not likely to simply change their mind absent compelling evidence.  During the emergency response phase of the case and initial investigation there a lot of issues and alternatives to removing the child that we can explore.  Do not let this most crucial and influential time pass without the assistance of a lawyer.  As soon as you discover CPS snooping into your life or contacting you, contact an experienced Juvenile Dependency Lawyer immediately.


Our firm has handled cases from the investigation phase all of the way to the selection and implementation hearing and appeals with favorable results.  We have represented children and parents which gives us a unique perspective not enjoyed by most attorneys in the field.


Our office is available to handle cases invovling parents, relatives, foster parents seeking de facto parent status and more.  


Contact our office for more information at (916) 851-5909.