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Five Lies an Injured Party is Likely to Hear From the Insurance Company


Below are five lies you will likely hear from the insurance company to avoid paying your claim. Below each lie is commentary as to why each statement you will hear from the insurance company is less than truthful or accurate:



1. We need a recorded statement to get your version of what occurred.


This could not be any more false as a recorded statement is not needed.  The insurance adjuster can simply ask you what happened without recording you.  The recording does not give them any more or less information than if the call were not recorded.  If anything, they obtain less information because the party being recorded is reluctant to be as candid as they otherwise would while not being recorded.  The recording is utilyzed after you have rejected their offers to settle and filed a law suit to pin you down to statements that were made before you hired an attorney and in certain circumstances could be used to imply that you said something that you did not intend to say.



2. Plaintiff’s minimal treatment indicates that his/her injury, if any, was minimal.


Not every injury requires significant of medical treatment to heal.  The human body has an amazing ability to heal on its own.  Doctors and physicians know this and many times will rely upon your body to heal on its own while providing medication to help ease the discomfort. Other times, a few chiropractor or physical therapy visits is sufficient. While insurance companies know this they will still use conservative treatment as a basis to persuade you to insist on fair compensation.  



3. Plaintiff’s treatment was unreasonable given the injury.


Just like there are some injuries that don’t take a lot of medical treatment, others require extensive treatment.  Also, everybody is different. People heal at different rates and require different treatments depending on the patient’s ability to heal on its own.



4.  There was minimal damage to the car, so plaintiff could not have been injured.


When ever there is a collision, energy is transferred from one vehicle, the striking vehicle to, the other vehicle, the impacted vehicle.  The energy does not simply go away as the insurance companies would have you believe.  Often times, the bumper is smashed in, which means that the car did absorb some of the energy.  Other times there is no damage to the vehicle which means that the bumper did not do its job.  The energy had to go somewhere, which usually is to the occupants of the vehicle.  In fact many healthcare professionals will tell you that no damage to the vehicle usually means more severe injuries to the occupants.



5.  We care about you…(While not necessarily communicated explicitly, this will be communicated through their tone and customer service approach throughout the claims process).


The insurance companies do not care about you and are not on your side.  They care about one thing, their bottom line and profits.  Every dollar paid to you affects their bottom line.  To the insurance company you are a claim number that is infringing on their profit margin.



There are many other lies and tactics the insurance companies will use to avoid paying fair compensation for your injuries.  Don’t go at it alone.  You need an experienced injury attorney on your side.  Call Stirling Law for a free consultation. (916) 851-5909.