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With over 9 years of experience in handling family law, juvenile dependency and personal injury cases our firm has seen nearly every situation.  You can be assured that your cases will be handled by an experienced attorney.


Family Law


Robert Stirling has handled cases involving property disputes, custody disputes, domestic violence restraining orders, along with pre and post mariage planning and can assist in all areas of family law disputes.  Do not place your most valuable assets in the hands of an inexpereinced attorney.  You need experienced representation to insure that you recieve a fair parenting schedule, do not have restraining orders issued against you, and that you recieve your fair share of the community property.


Mr. Stirling's has litigated through to trial numerous custody disputes and domestic violence restraining orders.  


Juvenile Dependency/CPS


Mr. Stirling has represented hundreds of parents in juvenile dependency cases. Typically on any morning you will find Mr. Stirling on the third floor of the Family Relations Courthouse because he represents so many parents in CPS cases.  To say that the law that governs CPS cases is significantly scaled in favor CPS would be an understatement. Despite the dispareity in bargaining powers that are inherent in these types of cases, Mr. Stirling has handled numerous cases in this area, and, many cases have proceeded to trial, many of which Mr. Stirling was able to obtian favorable results.


Personal Injury


Prior to succesfully passing the bar on the first attempt, Mr. Stirling was an insurance adjuster which has given Mr. Stirling extensive knowledge of how the insurance companies operate, internal culture, thier ideology and negotiation tactics.  Armed with this knowledge, Mr. Stirling has negotiatied numerous six figure settlements for clients in a timely fashion without the need for trial. Mr. Stirling has litigated personal injury cases at all stages of litigation on hundreds of cases.  If you want the most compesnation, call Stirling law.